Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Well I definitely haven't blogged in a long time! I hope some of you that follow me are still out there. I think that I would like to start back up and see how things go.  A lot has happened since I last posted and I am pretty sure that I won't be able to get it all in one post.  Two of the biggest things are that we bought our first house and I am now the proud mother of 4 boys. Can you believe it? Kimball is 3 months old. Maybe I can post some pictures next time!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Longest Post Ever

Well we have been pretty busy since my last post. We went on vacation and had a great time - I mean an awesome time. I hope that all of you enjoy this massive quantity of pictures! The boys in their hats before we went our adventure.

Mom and the boys in front of Mt. Rushmore. I wish we would have remembered the stroller.

Dad and the boys in front of Mt. Rushmore.

Kieran having fun.

Rowan was trying to reach out and grab the goats that we saw on the trail around Mt.Rushmore.

We stayed in Keystone, South Dakota and right across from our awesome hotel were helicopter rides and an alpine slide. We chose the alpine slide. It had a fun chair lift ride up to the top. Only Dad and Kieran went down the slide. They had a good time.

The boys hiding out in a little cubby hole in the hotel room. We had a ton of fun in our room. It had a loft for the boys to sleep in and they loved it.

This is a picture from a 'mystery area' that we went to. It was wierd but still kind of neat. Max thought it was awesome.

We also went to Reptile Gardens and saw many neat reptiles. Snakes, monsters and turtles.

They did a good amount of sleeping in the car- Hooray!

Closer to the end of our great stay with Kris and Brian, Rowan finally liked Gus.

The boys had lots of fun playing the backyard and at the park. There was even a balloon artist at the park. It was great! The boys had fun playing with Maddy and lily.

One morning in the heat we walked to Herman's (the gas station/grocery store) and got the kids some popsiscles. They enjoyed them. Then I let the kids attack Brian with the balloon swords. I think Brian actually enjoyed it.

Kris was so gracious to be a great hostess and to also give the kids haircuts while we were there. Rowan didn't have very much fun.

All of the kids and parents were exhausted every night. Poor Max even had to be carried to bed. The kids all enjoyed Brian's favorite chair and eating a ton of food.

We spent one day at Brush Lake. We had a blast. The time flew by and the kids behaved. It was the best family outing we've had.

Brian had made a forever friend out of Max. They spent a good deal of time building stuff, which is every little boys dream.

On my birthday we went to Moose Jaw, Canada. We had a fun time. We had tour of some underground tunnels that supposedly Al Capone used during the prohibition. We had ice cream and a whole bunch of fun. I even got detained at the border for trying to smuggle in illegal candy. What a day!

These two pictures were taken on the morning we left. It looks like Kris and Brian are still happy and it looks as though the Kellers are still happy too. There is not much more you can ask from a vacation,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Max's Turn

Well we did it again. We went to urgent care for the second time in 2 weeks. This time it was for Max. He was using his pocket knife and it slipped and he ended up cutting about half way down into his nail and about 1/4 of an inch deep. The Dr. removed part of his fingernail and gave him 3 stitches. Oh man can that boy holler! The second picture is of Max at his first piano recital. He played Old MacDonald. He did a great job!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kieran's first staples

Well, I was hoping we would never have to deal with something like this but with 3 boys it was bound to happen.

Monday, March 29, 2010


I can't believe that I have let almost 2 months go by with out updating. I have thought about it many times and I have just not done it. A lot had happened in the past 2 months, so if anybody still checks this thing please read on. I did try posting pictures and it isn't working so maybe next time.

Well, I had told you all that Kieran was sick and it ended up that he had strep throat. I wish that I had taken him to the Dr. sooner than I did but at least I learn from my mistakes. Just this past week Rowan woke up one morning with the same type of rash that Kieran had and I took him in the next day. Poor thing would just sit on my lap saying, " oww" over and over again. He ended up with strep and an ear infection. He is feeling much better today.

Kieran has been talking up a storm lately and the things that he says can be absolutely hilarious. He is turning into such a cute little boy. I am excited for his birthday in 2 weeks.

Rowan is learning about independence and likes to show us all. He likes to climb on the kitchen table and then stand on it. He had learned to hit and scream (his little scream is really quite cute - he just does it to be noisy). He is also learning what he likes and doesn't like. Sometimes he won't eat anything just to be awnry. He is also being able to play with his brother more and likes to follow them around the house.

Max is doing great! He is losing his front teeth and one of them right now is just sitting crooked on in his mouth. He won't let us pull it out yet. He likes to wait until the very last minute before the tooth will fall out on its own before we can pull it. Max even had his 8th birthday on the 17th. We had tons of fun and our friends Mike and Diane even took us to Chuck E. Cheese.

The biggest news of all is that we are going to buy a house. We are scheduled to close on the 31st. It kind of just fell in our laps and with the tax credit, we couldn't pass it up. We are planning to move this Saturday so we are completely stressed with packing and all of the moving stuff.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Night

We just finished watching the Super Bowl. Kurtis cheered for the Saints so he was happy when they won. Max was cheering for the Colts and I am assuming that he was disappointed when they lost (he was at his Dad's Super Bowl Party). I enjoyed the commercials and Kieran and Rowan just played. Every once in a while Kieran would yell "Touchdown" or "Tackle" and it was pretty cute.
We looked at a house yesterday and it was pretty cute. It was small but all remodeled on the inside and the backyard was absolutely huge, no really it was enormous! It sure is fun to look and see what kind of houses are out there and what we like and don't like.

Kieran has been sick for about 11 days now so I think I might finally take him to the Dr. The lymph nodes on the side of his neck are very swollen and he kind of looks like one of those football players that have thick necks. Anyway, I am sure he will be better soon enough.

I shaved the boys' heads and they look different but super cute. I think that Kieran looks better with longer hair but very short hair suits Rowan very well. Max always keeps his hair short.
We hope that everyone has a good week!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Last Weekend

We had a fun and exciting weekend. Max was home and we had a big sleepover with 3 of our cousins Sebastian, David and Annabelle (who just moved here from Montana). Max had a blast playing with them all day Saturday. On Sunday Dad and the boys built a lego tower. It was pretty tall and even fell on my head during one attempt. Max also helped me bake some strawberry bread - it was pretty delicious. Kieran has been sick this last week and is now getting a cough and stuffy/runny nose. He has been sick for almost an entire week. I hope he feels better soon so he and I can get some sleep. Talk to you all next week.